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Downtown St Pete Engagement | Kristen + Mike


Kristen and I met back in 2012!! She was working with a planning company and I was just a couple years into my photography business.

Our paths crossed at an event we were working at and we immediately clicked! Guests at the party asked us multiple times if we were sisters (which only confirmed that we needed to be friends asap!) I included a couple throwback photos from the event when we met (It was a fiesta!!) at the end of this post! 😉 Now several years later Kristen emailed me about getting engaged and wanting me to be her wedding photographer!! What a dream!! She lives in Michigan now and her wedding will be there as well, which is an exciting plus!! Jon and I absolutely LOVE destination weddings!!

The man who is making her dreams come true is Mike!! They’ve been dating since 2016! He proposed to Kristen in Canada, on the boardwalk where they had their first date! How romantic is that?! She of course said yes to an adventure of a lifetime! A typical date night for Kristen and Mike includes grabbing a bite at the downtown Pizza Parlor before stopping in at the local Barnes and Noble! Then enjoying a movie together! Definitely our kind of people!!

While planning their wedding, Mike and Kristen came to Florida for their engagement session and we were so lucky to get to have their consultation in person, over dinner, right after their engagement session! A picture from that is also included below! 🙂 They decided to have their engagement session in Downtown St Pete and St Pete beach!! The locations turned out perfect! It was definitely chilly (their session was in December!) but they braved the cold! We can’t even contain our excitement for their Michigan wedding next month!! We just know it will be the most beautiful day! I hope you enjoy a bunch of favorites from their session!

They TOTALLY rocked their outfit choices for the session!!!
Bringing Starbucks to their engagement session…talk about an ideal client!! 😀
You two are the cutest!!!
Kristen, you’re beautiful!!
Way back when we first met!! So cute haha!!
Our consultation dinner date!!
Hugs, Tiffany