Site Credits

A special thanks!

I Could not have finished this website without...

My Husband.

My website has over a dozen pages and a huge thanks to Jon for spending countless hours customizing just about every square inch of both the desktop and mobile versions of the website. If you're interested in seeing if he is available to help with your website needs, drop me a note in the contact form and I will get it to him asap!

This website was created with Showit, a gorgeous theme designed by With Grace and Gold (that Jon personalized as much as possible!)  & Wordpress. Ashlyn Writes and Sarah helped in SO many ways with my copy, I can't thank them enough! 

Update: Just recently (April 2022) I had a mini rebrand and have Mary with MKdesign.Studio to thank for all the amazing upgrades on so many pages and ALL new branding/colors/fonts! She did such a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a rebrand!! should convey a clear and consistent message while guiding our clients through an ideal, online, client experience .We hope this website points photographers to the right resources and clients to their dream photo sessions!