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 Have you found yourself struggling while you're editing? Are you dealing with pesky color casts or trying to figure out why your whites aren't white? Are your images from one session inconsistent in their color tones? Or is editing just not as fun as it once was because you can't seem to nail down your style?

Let me show you the essentials of editing in Adobe Lightroom that just might help you fall in love with editing all over again! Not to mention,  giving your clients photos of their special memories that will last a lifetime!

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Investing in these tools have helped grow my business immensely! Lightroom itself has completely changed my business for the better in so many ways, the main ways being, style and consistency! If you have questions about any of the tools we use, please drop us a note in our e-mail!

The Contract Shop sells legal templates and courses for creative entrepreneurs, online course creators, consultants, coaches and more.

HoneyBook organizes your clients and tasks  seamlessly, while providing a professional look and feel to contracts, invoices and contact forms. 

Beautiful Galleries For Photographers. We use PASS to deliver all client galleries! Fast uploading speeds and galleries backed up for 10 years...PLUS a user friendly (free) app for your clients!

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is the essential tool for organizing, editing and sharing your photography. (My personal favorite!)

 Photo Mechanic is a fast media browser that allows you to view, organize, manage, and export digital photos. Maximize your post-processing workflow by choosing the best photos quick! 

BlogStomp is a tool to make blogging  as easy as dragging and dropping your images to quickly create paired photos for your website or collages for Facebook covers, Pinterest and more!

When it comes to building a successful photography business, there are several tools we can't live without! They help our business run smoothly while providing workflow consistency. We would recommend them to every photographer without a doubt! 

Check out these resources!

Client management, contracts & Invoices

Online Photo Gallery

Template contracts

Pairing and Resizing Images for Your Blog/ Social Media

Culling software

Editing software


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For my first order of business, I'd love to show you how I edit my photos while fully explaining each thing I do in order to keep it a quick and efficient step in delivering photos to your clients. My hope is that you'll end up enjoying the editing process!  Like everything, if you want to be great at something, you keep practicing, trying new ways that will make it work, until you've found the way that works for you!  I can't wait to show you the tips and tricks that I've learned along my 8 year journey that will help you shortcut the path to your own success!

Also, if you like the idea of the editing class are looking to learn the different elements of photography and the business of photography, email me at tiff [at] and share with me your top struggles. I'll use this info to help determine what freebies and classes will be offered next!