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Toasters are nice and all but excursions are more memorable! Easily have your family and friends send money as a wedding gift and have it all in one place) specifically for excursions/travel/food etc. on your honeymoon!

We know The Knot is very well known,  but you've got to check out their Ultimate Wedding Planner Binder! It's a great resource to organize your entire wedding planning experience. Staying organized = less stress! Less stress = a happy bride and a happy groom!

Easily create your own seating chart by using simple drag-and-drop features on top table planner! You'll be able to place your guests exactly where you want them in a much quicker fashion!

Ask your guests to use this handy app to see your wedding day action from everyone's angles! It brings together Everyone's images of your special day in one place.

Easily create a beautiful wedding website for you and your groom that is customized and able to reflect your style! Simplify your wedding website with it's own app and an easy to use RSVP feature.

Escape common wedding invitations and find something unique that resonates with you, your groom and the overall theme/colors of your special day. [Photog tip: I often use invitations as the backdrop to style your earrings, rings and other jewelry to create consistency with your details, so keep that in mind when picking your invitations!]

The excitement of becoming engaged can often be overcast by the large amount of planning that goes into your special day .Below, you'll findA list of recommendations I've curated specifically for you as a future bride! I hope they are so helpful to you in this season of planning!

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We believe that life creates moments that beg to be captured—whether it’s uncontrollable laughter, unbridled celebration, joy-filled tears, or just that look on a groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. 

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