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Have you been searching for presets that will simply give your mobile phone photographs a beautiful edit with just one click?!

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THe TMP Bright & Clean Mobile Preset Collection 

• Are you a Mama creating baby books and family albums with iPhone photos in all different types of lighting?

• Are you a Blogger or Creative small business owner who wants your photographs to look more cohesive & consistent in your social feed?

• Do you sell any type of products that require you to snap a photo of your oils, clothes, jewelry or home decor signs, yet aren't getting as much engagement as you'd like?

• Do you just simply swoon over the look of clean and bright photographs, yet can't find an easy way to achieve it on your own?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, than the TMP Bright and Clean Mobile Preset Collection is just what you've been searching for!


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You deserve quality looking image edits that you'll be excited to share with your friends, family & clients! My favorite thing about these presets are how little time they take to make your photos Bright & Clean, despite the lighting situation!

TMP Bright & Clean mobile presets

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How to Choose Which preset works best on your own photos- Video Guide

What's Included ?

included in the tmp Bright & Clean mobile preset Collection is:

» TMP Mobile Preset video & PDF install guide
» Step by Step video tutorial
» 24 Bright and Clean Mobile Phone Lightroom Presets 

TMP Add Contrast
TMP At The Beach Bright
TMP At The Beach Original
TMP B&W Flash
TMP B&W Original
TMP Bright & Cool
TMP Bright & Poppy
TMP Bright & Warm
TMP DSLR Bright & Clean
TMP Indoor Bright & Airy
TMP Indoor Extra Bright
TMP Indoor Less Green & Yellow

TMP Indoor Neutral
TMP Indoor Neutral + Contrast
TMP Light Up Shadows
TMP Original Bright
TMP Outdoor Bright
TMP Outdoor Bright & Warm
TMP Outdoor Fluorescent Light
TMP Outdoor Harsh Sun
TMP Outdoor Light Greens
TMP Slight Pink Tone
TMP Sunset
TMP Warm & Poppy



Less than you would spend on a Target run *just* for one thing.

The entire collection valued at $129, now available for just  →

Trust me.. I know this all too well :) 

- Kristen M.

- Tiffany b.

- Heather P.

- Stephanie S.

- Danielle w.

- Sarah C.

- Emily W .

"24 templates of pure happiness?! Yes please! I’ve always been a huge fan of Tiffany’s work (she also did my fabulous wedding photos) but now I can brighten and lighten my photos with “Tiffany magic” any time of day! Even if you’ve never used Lightroom before, she walks you through step by step AND tips along the way! 
If you love bright & airy, I’d definitely recommend these presets with TMP!"

"With our first baby I became one of those moms that post pictures daily of our sweet girl! I had settled for my iPhone’s retouch button, not knowing there was a better solution. I had no idea what presets were and I had never used Adobe Lightroom before. The TMP Bright & Clean Mobile Presets have provided me with the tools to take my home photos to the next level! It is amazing to watch my pictures be transformed with gorgeous color and light. Tiffany’s 24 different presets allow me the confidence to create beautiful images that I’m proud to share. "

"These presets make it SO EASY to edit your iPhone photos & create a consistent and bright feed on your social media. The price point for the number of presets is AMAZING. I’ve always loved Tiffany’s style of photography and now I can edit my photos to look as bright and cheery as hers do!"

"Like all moms, I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Editing them doesn’t come naturally to me and I end up wasting so much time and not loving the results. Tiffany has taken the guess work out by delivering a product that makes it easy to edit in a click! Instead of trying to make adjustments one by one, it’s easy to scroll through her presets and simply pick which one I like best. I’m so excited to be able to apply her bright, airy style to all of my photos."

"I've never used a mobile preset before and I will say that it was pretty easy following along with Tiffany's instructional video. I love how bright my photos are now! I’m so glad they work on an Android as well!" 

"I absolutely love the TMP Presets! It’s been challenging for me to achieve the bright and cohesive look I want for the images on my home decor Instagram account because I struggle when editing to brighten my photos without them looking overly processed or washed out. With the TMP presets I can now beautifully edit my photos with one click and they look like a professional did them! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!!" 

"I could not be more obsessed with these presets, they make every photo pop and are so bright and fresh! I especially love how they add so much light to my photos that I take indoors. They’re super easy to use and make editing quick and fun with the best results!! Highly recommend!" 

Testimonials from TMP preset users!

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frequently asked questions

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!! I will walk you through how to download Lightroom, Import your presets and apply them to your images!! Easy Peasy!

1. What if i haven't used lightroom before? 

There's a good chance that I will be! As long as the need/want for desktop presets is there, I'll get right on it! :)

No! I would recommend keeping your downloaded folder of your presets on an external hard drive or in dropbox so  that if something happens to your phone, you'll have a back up copy!

4. Will you also be offering Presets for the desktop version of Lightroom?

5. If I get a new phone, will I have to purchase these presets again?

Yes they do! However, they work most accurately with iPhone photos! I have edited photos from multiple android users and they still look great!!

3. Do These presets work for Androids too?

ABSOLUTELY! These will help add consistency to your social media, blog posts, printed albums, products you're selling, everything!! The goal is to have clean & bright photos no matter the lighting!

2. Will these Help my social feed stand out?

Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds will be issued. If you have QUESTIONS THAT AREN'T LISTED ABOVE, Please email for support. Thank you!