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Growing a new business isn’t exactly easy or fun—at least not every day.  I know the headaches and giant question marks I worked through to get where I am today, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone! (More coffee please!)  Let’s chat through some of your questions, sip some coffee, and spend some time together behind the camera. It’s that simple. 

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I’ve been where you are now...

I specialize in client experience and taking your photography from hobby to business.  If you’re in your first two years of business ownership, let’s have a candid conversation (over coffee!), so that you can be equipped and empowered with the skills and assets you need to be successful. 

Photography Mentorship

- Coffee at my favorite local coffee shop 
- Two hours of chatting about the topics of the mentee's choice
- One hour of hands-on shooting and new headshots taken by Tiffany
- Gallery of hi-res images and print release
- Goodies along the way

(While this is certainly easiest with local photographers, I am open to getting creative to mentor photographers from anywhere!)



Tiffany McClure Photography books a limited number of mentoring sessions per year,  please inquire using the link below to ensure we can serve you on your desired timeline.

Mentoring Sessions

Starting at $500

I would like to book a mentoring session → 

you're a hands on learner and get EXCITED to see immediate results!

I might be your photog mentor if...

you're interested in making your client's experience the best it can be!

I might be your photog mentor if...

let's get coffee!  →

you're interested in making your client's experience the best it can be!

I might be your photog mentor if...

you have trouble posing people while trying to  keep them looking natural.

I might be your photog mentor if...

you tend to love photos that are edited in a light and airy style.  

I might be your photog mentor if...

If you enjoy learning online, I have a class that teaches the editing essentials you'll need to know while using Lightroom! After the class you'll know your way around Lightroom and will know how to edit like a pro!

If you're a Mama, a small business owner, or a photographer who would like to quickly edit your phone photos of your kiddos, business products or even sneak peeks for your clients, I have a pack of 24 Mobile Presets that will level up your photos! Click below to get more details!

looking to learn more?

Digital Products



Lightroom Class

lightroom mobile presets

Shawna Meadors

"Tiffany is an amazing photographer! I did a mentoring session with her and learned so much. My pictures went from dark and ugly to bright and colorful in ONE day.

She answered all my questions and more!

She was honest and has a huge heart for helping.  I can't thank her enough! Best amount of money I've ever spent/invested. "

Cassandra O'donnell

"In just the few short hours during my mentoring session, I learned SO much! Before the session I wrote down a list of questions I knew I wanted to ask & by the end of the session I realized that I had never even taken out my notebook.Tiffany started from the beginning & showed her workflow as well as how to get settings right "In camera". The way she explained things just made so much sense. I was able to not only shadow her behind the camera & through her editing process but she also gave me hands on "assignments" which helped me to see what things I needed more practice with & how to correct the mistakes I was making.

If you are debating having a mentoring session with Tiffany-debate no more! Its absolutely worth it! Her friendly personality will make you feel right at home & you'll be left feeling so much more confident in your own work. The encouragement & critiques are so helpful & even though I LOVED our mentoring, all I wanted to do at the end was go out and put everything I learned to use!! HAHA! I can't thank you enough Tiffany for yesterday and I can't wait for our next one!!! Start booking guys- you WONT regret it!"


from my sweet clients

Ready To Grow?!

I'm here for you!

Please Use this contact Form for photographers, let's grow your business!

I’ve been where you are now. I remember it like it was yesterday. Let’s chat through some of your questions, sip some coffee, and spend some time together behind the camera. It’s that simple. 

Yes you definitely can! I'd love to spend as much time with you as you need! Leveling up your business does take time and practice, so the more time we have together, the better. 

1. Can I add more hours to my mentoring session?

Anywhere from mamas who'd like to take better pictures of their kiddos on their iPhone, to beginner DSLR users trying to start a business, all the way to  to intermediate photographers looking to go full time ! But I'm willing to teach anyone who will let me! 

4. what Experience level of photographers do you teach?

YES! All of the above and so much more! We can cover several topics of your choice! Once I know the top three areas of your business you'd like to work on, I'll give you an idea of what the schedule for the day will look like.

3. Do you cover posing, editing,or client management?

Of course!! One of the biggest keys to spending less time editing and having a consistent workflow, is getting the photo correct in camera. Figuring out how to use the location and light around you to your advantage and the lenses you have to the best ability, plays the biggest part in photography (IMO), so it's important you know how!

2. will you help me learn How to use my camera?

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