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Anderson, SC Engagement | Mikayla + Parker


This beautiful engagement session was such a blast to photograph!! Parker and Mikayla chose a friends property for their location! It was stunning and the portrait locations were countless! There were several animals who lived on the property including a horse that was extra curious when we entered his pasture! We were in the middle of, “Okay now, smiling towards each other, great! Beautiful!! Oh..umm guys..we’ve got a photo bomber!” a real cute one at that! Pretty sure the horse just wanted a snack lol. He kept sniffing in the camera bag that was on the stroller with Jon and the boys! Behind the scenes picture at the bottom haha!

Mikayla and Parker started out their session in a way I’ve never shot before…on a four wheeler! It’s something they love doing together and it made for some really adorable portraits! It’s easy to see that they’re an adventurous couple! They walked hand in hand down a beautiful driveway with the prettiest glow of sunlight shining through the trees! Snapped a few at a cute little dock and then ended their session in the pasture. Parker and Mikayla were as kind as can be and just rolled with posing like pro’s! I’m so excited to share some favorites from their Anderson, South Carolina Engagement!


Hugs, Tiffany