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New Website Launch!


Thank you all so much!

So much time and effort has gone in to my new online home!

I’ve got to give most of the credit to my to husband, Jon, who spent countless hours making this website to look like a dream as well as a representation of my brand! Thank you, Showit support, who is incredibly helpful and fun-spirited, and With Grace & Gold who gave us the foundations of this site with their gorgeous template that we made our own. A huge thanks to Ashlyn Writes and Sarah who helped get the words out of my brain and on to the website! Last but certainly not least, the dozen people I’ve asked to comb through my website to make sure it was ready to Launch, past brides, friends and fam… you guys helped SO much! I am so grateful!

So, what’s new?

Just about everything! Head over to the home page and get your exploring on! There are a few interactive elements hidden throughout, I finally have a real galleries page!!! There will soon be a couple of products and the mobile version has its own version of website!

Before you go exploring the website…

I promised a few freebies to you AMAZING subscribers and here they are below! You’ve got a few options for a pretty smartphone screen saver AND an editing video designed for photogs and non-photographers alike!

Free phone background screensavers!

Right click (or click and hold if you’re using your phone) and save the image to your phone. Then set as your new background! If you use the app Canva, you can easily take the calendar screen saver in it and circle the day’s you’re busy! That will be my screen saver for the month! 🙂

Push Past Fears | phone screen saver Girl you've got this! | phone screen saver August | phone screen saver

Next up, Free editing tutorial for the Lightroom app!

Watch me edit images on the go, right on my phone. Smart phone editing is great for traveling, coffee shops, and so much more!

I’m using an iPhone and the Lightroom app. Enjoy!  ( Watch this is on your desktop for the best and clearest quality! Set the video to 720p! )

Thanks again for subscribing!

I’m truly blessed that you came to share this special day with me. I’m very excited to be here at this point in my career and couldn’t have done it without all of you supporting me! You can expect more of this type of content/freebies every month!!

Now, get to exploring friends!