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Treasure Island Beach | Jackson Family


A huge reason that I love social media is because of the connections that are made with people who live in other states or even in another country, who share similar interests and love for people! I was referred to Loren(a fellow wedding photographer based in Ohio! – check out her beautiful work!!) by another photographer friend, Emily who is also in the KJ Education Facebook group!

If you aren’t sure who KJ is and you’re a photographer, you totally should. Katelyn James is my absolute favorite photographer! I’ve learned so much from her and taken four of her courses! For everyone who is in her courses, there is a facebook group and that’s how I met Loren…or so I thought. At their family session, we figured out that we actually had been in the same panel group at the Creative at Heart Conference we went to in Raleigh, NC, August 2017!! Not to mention, we were both pregnant! She was quite a bit farther along than me but I remember thinking, wow theres several pregnant mama’s in our group, so I KNEW she looked familiar! It was so funny when we figured it out!

So, all that to say, I LOVED getting to take pictures for Loren and her sweet family while they were on vacation in Treasure Island!! We did a sunrise session and the light was beautiful and their sweet baby girl, Charlotte, was a dream!! (I even got to get some baby snuggles in while I was snapping some of Loren and her husband, Josh!!) It’s always a blast shooting photographers because they pretty much already know what I’m going to say before I say it! 🙂 Before I left, I got to snap a couple of fresh headshots for her too!

Here’s a bunch of favorites from their session!! Loren, you and your family rocked your session!!