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Philippe Park Engagement | Caleb + Odie


Odie and Caleb met while in law school in 2017! They quickly fell in love and while on a trip to Peru, Caleb decided that the peak of Machu Picchu would be the perfect place to propose!! You could say they might be a little on the adventurous side! 🙂 Odie was so surprised and thrilled to start planning their wedding!

They chose Harborside Chapel as their wedding venue and then emailed me to ask if I was available for their date. At the time, we were on vacation in South Carolina and when I called her, I didn’t realize our phone call would be dropped as we drove through the mountains! Thankfully, despite the dropped phone call, she told me she definitely wanted to book us!! I was thrilled!

For their consultation, We had dinner together at Panera, getting to know them and starting planning their custom day of schedule along with their engagement session. Which brings me to when these photos were taken! They even brought their adorable pup! I’m so excited to share some of my favorites from their session at Philippe park! We can’t wait to see them again this weekend for their wedding!!

How adorable is he?!
These mossy trees….you guys know I was oohing and ahhing!

Hugs, Tiffany