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A Vinoy Engagement | St Petersburg | Bethany + Rob


Anyone remember Aly & AJ from the Disney Channel?

Well.. Bethany and I sure do…we were actually them for halloween in 2006! Here’s a little throwback that I hope she doesn’t kill me for! (she sent me this photo and a couple others this week and I enjoyed reminiscing our early teenage years!) I’m pretty sure we were 15 and 16 here! Here’s a music video that might jog your memory as well, one of their more popular songs, Chemicals React!All that to say, we’ve been friends for 13 years and It is one of the coolest things when an old friend asks you to take their engagement and wedding photos! There are SO many great memories that we’ve shared and now, Jon and I get to document what I know will be one of their ALL time favorite memories, their wedding day!

Now, let’s get to Bethany and Rob’s sweet love story!

Bethany and Rob met through mutual friends during college. After a handful of years being friends, Bethany moved to New York and Rob was commissioned shortly after as an Army officer. They stayed in touch while both separately discovering the ups and down of living away from home. #adulting After many phone calls and letters sent back and forth, Rob asked Bethany to be his girlfriend in May 2015. They dated long distance for two years, one year of which he was deployed and then last May, Bethany moved to Texas to finally bridge the long distance gap and continue dating! Their love continued to grow and Rob decided it was time to ask her for forever!

They were hiking in a state park and brought a picnic to eat once they climbed to the top! At the top was an incredible view so they started to unpack their food. Rob had brought binoculars with him, and asked her to look through them at a mountain top in the distance because he said he “saw something” (smooth Rob!!). As she looked through the binoculars, he got down behind her. She turned around to him with a huge smile on his face and a gorgeous ring in his hand!! He told her how much she means to him and then asked her to marry him!! You did such a great job Rob!! I love the proposal story!

They are getting married at the Vinoy in St. Pete, so, they figured it would be the best location for their engagement photos! The second location we went to was the historic St. Petersburg Post Office since Rob really loves anything with a history behind it. They were going for historic charm and I think both places turned out perfect! We had SO much fun photographing their incredibly joy filled photos in Downtown St. Pete and can’t wait to celebrate such a special day with them, their family and closest friends! 

You can just tell how much they adore each other by looking through these photos!

Hugs, Tiffany