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A Clearwater Beach Proposal | Lea + Colby


Proposals. They are nerve wracking…thrilling…packed full with waves of emotions for all parties involved and most importantly, monumental!! It’s one of the most exciting times in people’s lives! It’s the start of a brand new, exciting season of life and when I get asked to capture such a moment, the answer will always be YES!

Colby (who is from Atlanta) reached out to me in June (thanks to a sweet photog friend of mine) and told me that he and his girlfriend (Lea) were headed to Clearwater for a vacation in July. He knew that he wanted to ask her to marry him a couple days into the trip. So, over the next couple weeks, we talked through all the details, figured out a spot on the beach where we could see them walking towards the water and have plenty enough time to get into position.

Naturally, we brought the kiddos in a stroller as camouflage…because who would suspect that?! Jon shot from right under the pier and I sat in a sea of beach goers, casually peering over my shoulder every couple minutes. Jon and I used our phones like walkie talkies and anytime he would see someone who he thought might be them, I would look and confirm or deny.

Thankfully, Colby texted me a selfie of him and Lea before they left their hotel , so we knew exactly what to look for after that point! It’s sometimes difficult because you don’t want to text at the wrong time saying, “Heyyy, we are like totes here at the spot you will propose, text when you’re on your way!!” Like in the middle of a selfie… what a nightmare it would be to accidentally give away the surprise! If you know me…you know I wouldn’t say that seriously haha, but for anyone not familiar with photographing proposals, patience and attention to detail is necessary!!

So, it was about 20 minutes till sunset and Jon spotted them, walking hand in hand towards the pier!! My heart started racing as I thought about how nervous he must be and how excited she will be when the moment happens!! He spotted us, stood with her for just a minute talking and then got down on one knee! She was SO EXCITED!!! All the people around us cheered when she said yes! Then Colby pointed out our cameras and her reaction was priceless. After she saw us, we came up and congratulated them and got to hear her thoughts and his! (It’s always so fun hearing the back story leading up to the proposal!!) We took some portraits of them, freshly engaged and then a couple photos of her gorgeous ring!

We so enjoyed getting to meet them both and know that their wedding day is sure to be beautiful!! Colby and Lea, you guys will forever be special to us and we hope to see you again soon! Thank you for letting us be apart of this incredible milestone in your lives!

There he goes!!!
This is when everyone started cheering! It looks like she see’s me here, but she didn’t realize I was her photographer until a couple moments later! 🙂
THIS! Was her reaction when he pointed us out!! haha, priceless!!!
Jon got the side view!
Pure joy!
They were seriously the cutest.
So happy for you two!!!
Hugs, Tiff