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Hey TMP blog readers, Jon (Tiff’s husband) here! Are you a photographer that still keeps track of your clients and business workflow to-do’s using spreadsheets? Well, I certainly won’t call you crazy because we used to use spreadsheets before we switched over. (And before that, Tiff only used to keep track in her head and random sheets of paper! [which basically means things could be forgotten or lost at any moment! haha ])

Tiff found an awesome tool, by recommendations from fellow photographers, to track her photography clients and workflow for each one individually. She was skeptical at first and not exactly thrilled about another added business cost. After trying it out for a couple of weeks, she soon found it adding time to her day and taking extra tasks off her plate.

HoneyBook is a client management system that helps book new clients faster and in a more professional way. It also makes it simple to send your agreement/contract to your client with the ease of signing and paying online. HB even sends reminders to clients about their payment schedule so you don’t have to and it actually keeps Tiff organized!

One of the great things about this client management system is it’s workflow tool and the way It’s laid out. It is set up so that it works great for ALL creatives in general. You don’t just have to be a photographer to use HoneyBook!

As long as you have a workflow (check list of steps you go through for every client), this will work for you.

One reason that I personally like it is because of the amount of time it saves Tiff, while at the same time keeping her sanity due to how organized it keeps everything (which ultimately keeps my sanity). 🙂

HoneyBook allows you to develop a custom workflow for your business/clients which also ties into how much you’re getting paid per session/project. One of my favorite parts is the ability to add in monthly expenses and create a P&L (profit & Loss), which is perfect for your CPA! (fun tax stuff)

Okay, I can hear you saying, “What’s so great about Honeybook?!”

It’s the best CRM tool for ALL creatives

HoneyBook helps photographers and creatives alike, develop their client base. HoneyBook empowers innovative professionals to send personally branded responses, recommendations, questionnaires, and e-mails to clients within a professional looking (and feeling) platform!

My HoneyBook Review

What Makes HoneyBook Awesome? HB mainly works on the mission to link the diverse parts of your business by reconstructing the way creative professionals work with their clients (AND associates, such as other vendors).

HoneyBook can enable them to sort out tasks seamlessly so the business can concentrate on what they specialize in: Making moments regardless of whether the client is an event planner accountable for a 300-guest wedding, the florist for a company’s holiday party or the photographer leading a styled design shoot.


  1. Completely customizable workflow and Brochure’s

It’s actually quite intuitive and easy to set up. Just make a list of all the steps you would normally take with a client and create a tab for each step in your customer workflow. The Brochure feature is what you would send your client when they inquire about your pricing and what type of packages you offer. You can add your own photos and wording (which adds that extra WOW factor) into each Brochure that you send your clients. Every package has its own!

You can watch this video that Tiff made to understand a little better how you can make your Brochure’s custom! 

  1. Automatic Features For Keeping Records of Bookings and Payment Schedules

HoneyBook comes with a “reports feature” that enables you to track anything including your prompt book rate, your prosperity rate and the estimation of every one of your events with the dates you will be getting paid. It really keeps everything organized correctly which makes for less mistakes and happy small business owners.

They additionally have a component that enables you to set up email updates that go out naturally to your customers (some even automated). You can streamline this by making e-mail templates directly within the software with the goal that you won’t need to revise that same email again and again. E-mail templates are definitely one of Tiff’s favorite perks about HB!

  1. Extraordinary Customer Service

Honeybook has first-class white glove services for its customers and deals with their customers unbelievably well! Honeybook customer care executives are available to answer any inquiries that you may have through its helpdesk facility.

They’ll even help set up some of your contracts and brochures(which was a HUGE time saver for Tiff when she first started using HoneyBook)! This service makes it stand out of the crowd. Boom.

  1. Community Driven and Community Minded

As HoneyBook offers the best customer care service, you’re also welcome to their Facebook community group where you can share thoughts, make inquiries, and offer recommendations for updates on the product.

HoneyBook launches a “Hackathon” at particular times where they spend an entire week making updates to HB in light of client input! HoneBook professionals are continually searching for approaches to enhance the product to serve their clients better! There are consistent new updates that always keep HB ahead of the game when it comes to other client management systems.

Wrapping things up + a special deal just for TMP Blog readers!

So after reading about some of HoneyBook’s most well known features, the question arises, “Should I Use Honeybook?” And without a doubt, we think the answer should be yes! One reason being, we’ve snagged an AMAZING deal for you! 50% off of your first year with HoneyBook!! We are so thankful you were curious and took the time to read about why we love HoneyBook so much!

HoneyBook is the best CRM out there for us creatives! There are several other options out there as well, but in my humble option, HoneyBook has a leg up on its competition.

If you think now is the right time to switch to Honeybook after reading about all the above mentioned features (that really only cover a small portion of everything HB has to offer), do it. If you have questions, let’s chat! Tiff is a huge advocate this and would be happy to explain further about its features and how it’s helped her business in so many ways, while also giving her free time to work on other areas of her business!