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Tampa Real Estate Agent Branding Session | Ali St Cyr


I am thrilled to share this Tampa real estate agent branding session with you all! Inspired by her leadership and dedication to her clients, this branding photo shoot features Ali St Cyr, a Tampa Bay real estate agent and broker, and her team at Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services.

I always love getting the opportunity to shoot in my hometown of Tampa, Florida, and even more so the honor of photographing a past client’s brand photos for the second time. (The first time I photographed Ali was back in 2018 when I was SUPER pregnant with Landon!)

Ali, a lifetime Tampa Bay resident, has been serving her clients as both a listing agent AND buyer specialist for the last ten years. She is passionate about providing an excellent experience for her clients and does so in many ways!

As a luxury real estate agent, it was important for us to use a branding shot list that would allow us to cover the bases of her day-to-day life as a leader, broker, AND realtor.

Our Shot List included:

  • Professional portraits 
  • Team collaboration  
  • Home tour with a client 
  • Home tour on Facebook live
  • Celebratory shots 
  • ‘Just Sold’ signage 
  • Day-to-day detail photos 

Our goal for this real estate agent branding session was to have super simple, but intentional photos that showed the work that Ali’s team does behind the scenes and how much FUN they have doing what they love.

We for sure accomplished our goals and I left this session so inspired that I went home and created this complimentary guide with 3 reasons why brand photos might be just what you need this year! It’s meant to be helpful for any small business that isn’t quite sure they need branding photos of their business.

Having had the honor of taking Ali’s family portraits and branding photos in the past, it was awesome to catch up and see how much her business has grown!

As Ali is one of the top brokers in Tampa Bay and a TPA Chamber Board Member, I was reminded of why I enjoy taking Ali’s branding photos so much—because I leave feeling inspired by this girl boss business owner, wife, and Mama!

I also really enjoyed taking a few solo brand photos of Mollie, an agent on Ali’s team, who recently got married and is expecting her first little one!! She enjoys music and spends time playing the guitar when she is not running around showing beautiful homes! 

Whether you’re looking to capture your business and brand for the first time or you want to uplevel your current brand imagery, I would LOVE to help you share your brand story! Learn more about my branding experience here. If you’re ready to create a library of brand images you love, contact me here to get your shoot on my schedule! I would be thrilled to hear from you!

P.S. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you even need a branding session, make sure to download my FREE “You Might Need a Branding Session If” Guide.

Hugs, Tiff