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Spartanburg Branding Session | Jacqueline + Laura Photography


Jacqueline and Laura booked me for a branding session last year and I absolutely loved getting to bring their brand to life! [Photographer Spartanburg]

These two lovely ladies are twin sisters who just recently graduated high school, and are now in college! They specialize in weddings and portraits here in SC. Jacqueline and Laura shot their first wedding when they were 14!! Yep, you read that right, they’ve been in business for 5 years and are AMAZING at what they do! Their joy shines through every single one of these photos and if you know them, you know they are always laughing which makes for a blast of a time working with them!! 

It was so fun finding out that they both have designated tasks separately in their business, based on their strengths, while also sharing responsibility for many tasks as well!

For example, when it comes to social media, Jacqueline plans the posts and Laura writes the captions. Emails and blogging is pretty 5050, and with blog posts, Jacqueline pairs and organizes the the post while Laura writes it out! They seem to have a good thing going! 🙂

They both shoot together so for portrait sessions, Laura takes charge of posing and Jacqueline takes the majority of the photos! Then for editing, they trade off who edits the whole session. So if they had two sessions in one day, both can be editing at the same time and get them finished quicker!! They look over each others edits after it’s all finished, how cool is that?! When it comes to wedding editing, they each take sections of the day to break it up and again, make it a quicker and smoother process. I love how these sisters work together!!

It’s obvious that these two LOVE the color blue, their whole wardrobe is full of blues, whites and stripes! In their spare time, they hang with their friends, do homework, spend time with their adorable family, Laura loves nurturing her plants and Jacqueline enjoys shopping!!

On a typical day, You can find them out and about at Tropical smoothie or strolling downtown Spartanburg 💛

After getting to dive deep into their business, I’m even more excited to pursue more creative branding clients here in the Greenville area! I love these two and I’m so happy God crossed our paths when we moved to SC! Here’s some favorites from their branding session!!

Hugs, Tiff
Photographer Spartanburg