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Baby Benjamin | Newborn | Fayetteville, NC



[Did you know we also did their anniversary session? Check it out!]

Chris and Ashley have been good friends of ours for several years now. In fact, Jon and Chris went to Kindergarten together! I took their anniversary photos, gender reveal photos and we had planned on doing their newborn photos as well.

About two months before baby Benjamin was supposed to arrive, they moved to North Carolina because Chris had a great job opportunity. I told her we would definitely take a road trip so I could still take their newborn photos.

So, Saturday we had a morning wedding, it ended at 3PM. After, we went home, took a nap, finished packing and left at 8PM that evening. We (Jon, Liam and I) drove all the way through and got there early Sunday morning! It was tiring but awesome! Jon and I definitely enjoyed the adventure and made a weekend trip out of it thanks to it being Labor Day weekend. We drove to Charleston, SC on the way home which is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while! I’ll be posting a separate blog about our trip soon!

Baby Benjamin was absolutely adorable and it was so nice being able to see the new place/town they are living in and getting to meet their first addition to their family! His nursery was adorable and Ashley made a bunch of the decor, she’s just so crafty!! The session had two parts because Chris was working the day we arrived, so the second day we were there, we took all the pictures of them as a family, at sunrise!! The light was so stinking gorgeous! I have never done a sunrise session before but it makes me want to do more of them.

I really hope you all love a ton of my favorites from their session! We love you three so much, thanks for letting us stay with you guys and capture this important and exciting time in your life!

2016-09-29_0001 2016-09-29_0002 2016-09-29_0003 2016-09-29_0004 2016-09-29_0005 2016-09-29_0006 2016-09-29_0007 2016-09-29_0009 2016-09-29_0008 2016-09-29_0010 2016-09-29_0011 2016-09-29_0012 2016-09-29_0013 2016-09-29_0014 2016-09-29_0015 2016-09-29_0016 2016-09-29_0017 2016-09-29_0018 2016-09-29_0019 2016-09-29_0020 2016-09-29_0021 2016-09-29_0022 2016-09-29_0023 2016-09-29_0024 2016-09-29_0025 2016-09-29_0026 2016-09-29_0027 2016-09-29_0028 2016-09-29_0029 2016-09-29_0030 2016-09-29_0031 2016-09-29_0032 2016-09-29_0033 2016-09-29_0034 2016-09-29_0035 2016-09-29_0036 2016-09-29_0037 2016-09-29_0038 2016-09-29_0039 2016-09-29_0040 2016-09-29_0041 2016-09-29_0042 2016-09-29_0043 2016-09-29_0044 2016-09-29_0045 2016-09-29_0046 2016-09-29_0047 2016-09-29_0048 2016-09-29_0049 2016-09-29_0050 2016-09-29_0051 2016-09-29_0052 2016-09-29_0053 2016-09-29_0054 2016-09-29_0055 2016-09-29_0056 2016-09-29_0057 2016-09-29_0058 2016-09-29_0059 2016-09-29_0060 2016-09-29_0061 2016-09-29_0062 2016-09-29_0063 2016-09-29_0064 2016-09-29_0065 2016-09-29_0066 2016-09-29_0067 2016-09-29_0068 2016-09-29_0069 2016-09-29_0070 2016-09-29_0071 2016-09-29_0072 2016-09-29_0073 2016-09-29_0074 2016-09-29_0075 2016-09-29_0076 2016-09-29_0077 2016-09-29_0078 2016-09-29_0079 2016-09-29_0080 2016-09-29_0081 2016-09-29_0082 2016-09-29_0083 2016-09-29_0084 2016-09-29_0085 2016-09-29_0086

Xoxo, Tiff

[Did you know we also did their anniversary session? Check it out!]