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Jill + Brent | Engagement Session | Sand Key Park



Jill and Brent currently live in California but are getting married at the Bilmar! Brent was in Caron and Aaron’s wedding as a groomsmen so it was so cool to have the privilege of photographing the wedding of someone we recently met!

So when they came to Florida a couple months ago, we did their engagement session and right after, had dinner and their consultation. It was great getting to know the both of them and hear about all of their wedding plans! Though it was right after a hurricane and the weather said stormy ALL WEEKEND, Jill and Brent were such troopers for their engagement session!

It had rained all day and they still drove from Sarasota to Sand Key in hopes of decent weather. After getting there, we were all attacked by these CRAZY mosquitoes that literally followed [as all three of us were RUNNING] us for a good 20 minutes!!! It was pretty much the worst way to start off a shoot, but it ended beautifully with the sun coming out and a rainbow! I’m so happy to finally be sharing their engagement session on the blog!

We can’t wait for your wedding THIS WEEKEND!!! 🙂 We know it’s going to be gorgeous!

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