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Jenny Pitts Photography | Mentoring Session | Oxford Exchange



Jenny has been a photog friend of mine for around two years now! I got the privilege of shooting a maternity & newborn session for her and her adorable family.

Jenny is a portrait photographer in the Bartow area! She has two little girls who are as cute as can be, a husband who is extremely supportive of her and her passion, she’s also a nurse AND loves Jesus, which is always a plus in my book! We have only really been around each other twice for their sessions, yet we connect and are alike on SO many levels that it’s scary! We joke that we were supposed to be sisters and were separated at birth..for real y’all.

When Jenny told me she wanted to book me for a mentoring session, I was extremely excited!! We live about an hour and a half away from each other (which really isn’t far so we definitely need to get together more!) so we agreed to meet in Tampa at the Oxford Exchange so the drive wouldn’t be as far. I asked Jenny to send me a list of topics or questions that she would like to go over during her session so that we could get as much covered on those topics as possible!

We sat upstairs at OE and sipped our iced coffee and iced latte while getting a bunch accomplished. We made Lightroom presets, talked batch editing, workflow, client experience, posing and so much more! After we were finished talking, we walked around the Oxford Exchange and I took some fresh head shots for Jenny. She is an incredibly joyful person to be around and has a great smile! We were laughing the entire time. Afterwards, she practiced our new found ability to “Free-lens” on me! She took some beautiful shots! It was so much fun learning with her because I had never tried free-lensing before either. You’ll notice what newbie free-lens shots look like in some of the photos, it’s where most of the photo is extra blurry and has a little vignette around the photo! I definitely would like to practice it more!

I’m so thankful for genuine people like Jenny who trust me to mentor them for two hours in order to help them along in their photography journey just like so many have helped me and continue to as time goes on. Community over Competition is thriving in this industry and it makes me so happy to see where the photography community will be over the next several years!

Here is a ton of favorites from Jenny’s Mentoring session!! Don’t forget to check out Jenny’s website HERE! Her work is just gorgeous!!

2016-10-27_0001 2016-10-27_0002 2016-10-27_0003 2016-10-27_0004 2016-10-27_0005 2016-10-27_0006 2016-10-27_0007 2016-10-27_0008 2016-10-27_0009
Jenny!! You are so beautiful, girl!!

2016-10-27_0010 2016-10-27_0011 2016-10-27_0012 2016-10-27_0013 2016-10-27_0014 2016-10-27_0015 2016-10-27_0016 2016-10-27_0017 2016-10-27_0018 2016-10-27_0019 2016-10-27_0020 2016-10-27_0021

The photo below is my favorite free lens shot!!

2016-10-27_0022 2016-10-27_0023 2016-10-27_0024 2016-10-27_0025 2016-10-27_0026 2016-10-27_0027 2016-10-27_0028 2016-10-27_0029 2016-10-27_0030 2016-10-27_0031  2016-10-27_0033 2016-10-27_0034 2016-10-27_0035

 img_2572 img_2573

xoxo, Tiff